The Buzzard

The buzzard is a powerful messenger. His sharp gaze provides clarity and perspective. His eyes see every detail and nothing is overlooked. There may be more going on than meets the eye. That is why the buzzard has appeared on your path. Sometimes it has something to do with infidelity. It may be infidelity as most of us know it, but it is probably related to infidelity to your own SELF. By not choosing or standing up for what you really want, or who you really are.

The buzzard is often attacked by smaller birds to prevent him from flying freely. This metaphor indicates that the 3rd dimensional world will indeed try to pull you down, into the negative. Just because you are different and they can’t (even if like to) understand, because their soul alignment is different from yours.

Do you allow yourself to be limited by this? Or do you use the power of the universe to fly freely, no matter what others think or believe?
Know that the buzzard has sharp claws and a sharp beak. If you allow yourself to be influenced by the negativity of others, it is an incentive to lower yourself to a level that doesn’t suit you and your soul alignment. However, it is a level you know because of your own from former lived experiences.

If the buzzard is your friend, then you, like him, can use your razor-sharp claws to rip into others and use your beak to tear their heads off in a rather unfriendly way. If you feel that you have ended up in such a bully or bust situation, it is better to apply one of the buzzard’s other qualities. A buzzard can sit quietly on a pole for hours on end.

Take a step back and use your hawk eyes to see what is really going on before taking action. Is it going to be tit-for-tat policy? The choice is yours, but know that what you propel onto others or in the universe, will boomerang back on you or your path some day. You can also decide to just take the next pole, sit on it and leave those who are trying to undermine you for who they truly are. When you let go, you will be more balanced. If you are balanced and create enough time for yourself, you will have the space to put your claws into things that matter. In other words: to focus on things that are important to you. Regardless of what others will think or this.

Do you see why the buzzard is a magical and powerful bird? It will always go his own way, despite the fact that other birds may try to disturb him